Did some one say PARTAY?

So.. I hosted Lenn's first, proper children's party last weekend. Up until now Lennie's parties have mainly consisted of my friends and family standing around and chatting preferably over a BBQ with a cold beverage in hand whilst Lenn and a couple other kids happily play. 

Not this year! He's 4 this time, he knows his friends well, they like to impress one another now wether it be with a dinosaur or a new sword. SO before they all went off to school I thought it was time to have a real kids party.

Firstly, I would need help... Que my mum & The Party Wiz  I can decorate a cake, make things look pretty but entertain 14 too cool for school 3 year olds? Negative. The girls at The Party Wiz were fab, they gave me enough time to burn the pizzas and undercook the chips whilst the kids were entertained.

The kids enjoyed beating a Pinata, playing musical statues (the boys only danced for prizes), a good old game of pass the parcel and nearly collapsed the bouncy castle. Then we all ate far too much of the cake with jelly of course! I made a Meringue Girls rainbow layer cake that I had adapted to be Dino colours... Obvs (they probably think this is the worse adaptation of it on the planet) but the mums were impressed!

Then after 2 hours we sent the kids home absolutely shattered and full of sugar. That's right isn't it? It was fun, I do think I was more tired than Lenn by the end but we did it!

Amy & Lennie x

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Amy Walker