New Website // Lets Talk About Flex

Welcome to our new and improved Lennie & Co website. I hope you love it! I'd say it's been a while in the making but it hasn't as I am the most impatient person ever, it's taken me about 2 weeks of juggling my work/mum life to design and launch it. 

Talking of juggling.. it brings me on to the brand new campaign that the one and only Mother Pukka has launched called #flexappeal to raise awareness of mothers attempting, or working flexible hours within a corporate company. Whilst I work in a small company that are flexible with appointments etc I understand how hard it is going back to work after having a kid. I waited so long before telling my previous company I was pregnant just to ensure I got the pay rise I was promised, think I would have got it if I was preggers in a male led office... I think not.

Anyway, my #flexappeal is pretty poor as I work full time and run my secret dream business from home at night once the babe is in bed. Yep.. My bosses don't know, again in fear I'd get the chop for fulfilling the dream double from 7:30-10:30pm

Just hashtag #flexappeal over on Instagram along with your story as to continue the discussion.

Whether you are a Mum or Dad I look forward to hearing your stories

Amy xx


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